When you say “Happy Birthday” with a premium cardstock CardFool card, you are making someone’s day.  Take Alison’s mother, who was recovering from an operation.  While recuperating, she received several unique, custom cards with her grandchildren on the front, and a personal message from her daughter on the insides.

“I just love how easy the process of sending a real card is,” Alison said.  Our premium cardstock cards let you personalize and send a birthday wish to friends and family in a way that is both easy… and enjoyable.  And for only $4.99 each, the First-Class postage is included for free when we mail it for you.

(If you have a story about how you use CardFool to share all the special times in your life, we would love to hear it! Email jill@cardfool.com)

Created and shared courtesy of our customer Alison – a true Card Artist! Follow her photography on Instagram @amccabe

By Jill

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