unnamedGetting mail is one of the best surprises. What’s better? Getting CardFool mail.

CardFool is going to make you a greeting card hero.


By offering a calendar service for events and a reminder email service you will never miss another birthday, event, anniversary or holiday again. Before you know it you’re friends and family will be complimenting your kindness and thoughtfulness right and left. But don’t worry; we will keep this secret between us.

In addition to the reminder service, CardFool also offers FREE postage on print cards and immediate delivery for all Ecards.

Nope, doesn’t stop there.

You can also create add-your-photo cards for occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter and birthdays. Any photo from social media or a desktop/phone/tablet works!

Wait, did we mention free postage already?

Like we said before, you can be a greeting card hero…to the ones you love and your wallet.

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