10/31/17 / Transylvania:

When Mr. Frankenstein awoke Tuesday he realized he hadn’t given his bride, Mrs. Frankenstein, a Halloween card on the couple’s favorite holiday.  “Me, scared,” Mr. Frankenstein said. “Me forget to send card.”

Mr. Frankenstein said he instead went to CardFool.com, where he found a funny variety of Halloween Ecards for only .99¢ each.  He picked out an Ecard, added a personalized message, and his Ecard arrived instantly to Mrs. Frankenstein. According to both, she loved it.

“My husband isn’t known for having his head screwed on straight all of the time,” she said.  “But he picked me out a delightful Ecard.  I almost died laughing.”

This year, CardFool’s Halloween Ecards offer a broader range than ever including cartoons, jokes, and political humor.  Click here to see the monstrously funny selection in its entirety.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.31.11 PM.png
“That Me, on Left. Ha. Ha.” said Mr. Frankenstein while pointing to this Ecard.



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