As a fellow mother of two dachshunds, I have a great love for all things Dach-related.  So I absolutely love all of Cardfool’s Dach-happy cards!  I even made one of my own pups a star with Cardfool’s Photo Upload service!

Dachshunds for Christmas:

Cardfool Christmas Dachshund Funny CardsDach the Halls

Dachshunds for your Birthdays:

Cardfool Birthday Dachshund Funny CardsCardfool Birthday Dachshund Funny CardsCardfool Birthday Dachshund Funny Cards

Dachshunds to say “Thank You”, “Happy Anniversary”, and “Get Well”:

Cardfool Thank You Dachshund Funny CardsCardfool Anniversary Dachshund Funny CardsCardfool Get Well Dachshund Funny Cards

But especially of your own kids to send out during Christmas (I made this using Cardfool’s pretty easy photo upload system.  Isn’t he adorable?

Cardfool Christmas Dachshund Funny Cards Photo Upload

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