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Connect with CardFool’s premium cardstock greeting cards for every occasion: Birthday Cards, Funny Political Cards, and more! Say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Mother’s Day or Merry Christmas with unique, one-of-a-kind cards. Personalize your card with an inside message, and we’ll send it for you — Free First Class Postage means the stamp’s included! (Oh ya – you can also Add Your Own Photo to a card ūüôā

By Jill


At CardFool, we have designed the greatest President Trump Father’s Day card ever. ¬†So wonderful. ¬†Amazing!

But not only has this card made Father’s Day great again, we also offer it as a Birthday card, Anniversary card, and Thank You card. ¬†Our cards are printed on premium paper, mailed through the U.S. Post Office First-Class, and of course made in America, first.

**CardFool Disclaimer**

At CardFool, we believe that laughter is a universal language, and we don’t really care which side of the political aisle you sit on. ¬†Connecting with friends and family, remembering special moments, and sharing life with others is what we’re all about. ¬†Sending cards is a good thing ūüôā ¬†¬†


Ben Franklin, Founding Father, once said that a penny saved was a penny earned. ¬†While that’s some nice Fatherly advice, at CardFool you can actually save a lot more when you send cards directly to recipient. ¬†As with all premium CardFool cards, each card is just $3.99 including FREE First-Class U.S. postage.

With Father’s Day Sunday right around the corner, all you need to do is pick out a card for Dad and tell us where you want it sent. ¬†We’ll take care of the rest. ¬†Note: Make sure to order your cards by Wednesday 2pm CT, so that they arrive in time for Father’s Day.

So send Dad a card… we’ll deliver it, and the stamp’s on us, too.

– J


Our CardFool team is at the National Stationary Show this week in NYC.  Kicking off Sunday, May 20th through Wednesday, May 23rd, the 2018 National Stationary Show is an exciting expo for the greeting card and social expressions market.

For CardFool, just being at the show is a thrill.¬† And being able to share with the industry how customers can now personalize and send Birthday cards online, is a game changer for both card senders and artists alike.¬† CardFool brings the card aisle directly to the customer… providing users more options than they can get in the store.¬† For instance, at a card sender can choose from thousands of unique designs, personalize the card with an inside message or photo, mail the card directly to the recipient, and the first-class stamp is included for free.¬† Try getting that at the grocery store.

And the cards themselves? They can’t be found anywhere else.¬† That’s why at this year’s Stationary Show, we can’t wait to show the world what we are now bringing to mailboxes across the country every day.

– J

By Jill

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.31.33 PM.png
“All Hail the Birthday Queen” by CardFool

Today at Windsor Castle, throngs gathered to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and many joined in on the festivities by signing the world’s longest greeting card for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A shopkeeper arranges their window display in Windsor. Picture: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

While we may not have all scored front row seats to the big event like Prince William and Princess Kate, many of my friends and family are celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries this month.  In fact, in the Merry Month of May I sent this Add-Your-Own-Photo Princess Crown card to my sister for her Birthday, and this card Fit for a Queen to my Mother-in-Law.

So while Harry and Meghan currently reign as the hottest couple, when it comes to sharing the love… I Rule.

– J

By Jill


LENEXA, Kan., April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —¬†It’s not a surprise that mothers have a difficult job, because it often seems like there is no end to the juggling act they perform each day. As Mother’s Day is approaching, it is time to treat Mom to a special gift with a one-of-a-kind creation from According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend on average $172 on Mother’s Day.

Revolutionizing the way users create, send and receive greeting cards, CardFool strives to make celebrating Mom even more memorable this year: by choosing from a collection of the sweetest Mother’s Day premium printed cards available on the Web.

“Every year, Mother’s Day gets bigger and bigger,” says Tim McCabe, Creative Director for, “which is why we want to make it easy for people to navigate celebrating their mother in a personal way. We have cards for Mom, Grandma, wife, even aunts and friends,” McCabe says. “And it’s a very simple process to create, personalize and send.”

Whether Mom lives far away or close by, CardFool makes it easy to create, send and deliver a meaningful gift, something that can sit on the mantel or hang on the fridge for a long time to come. ¬†It’s easy to add your own photo and personalize your own message.¬†CardFool will even offer free First-Class postage when they mail your card for you!

All cards are printed on premium cardstock where you can add your own image and personalize your own message to Mom.

“CardFool understands how special Mom is and wants to help celebrate the work she does every day,” McCabe explains. ¬†“Flowers are great but giving Mom¬†something that will last forever is incredibly meaningful ‚Äď a special message to save.” has the perfect card to match any personality. All of CardFool’s cards can be personalized and sent directly to the recipient or to the buyer with a¬†blank envelope included.

“We offer the best cards to our customers,” McCabe says. “And we also offer the best cards for Mother’s Day and every day.” offers unique, funny, one-of-a-kind custom printed cards and Ecards. You will never miss a birthday again. is your one-stop-shop for any greeting need. It’s easy and quick to personalize birthday cards, holiday cards, political cards or thank you cards. Whether you’re shopping online or using the app, creating the card of your dreams is not out of reach. offers free postage and guarantees Ecards are sent and delivered the same day. is easy to use, customizable and has the fastest delivery to you or your recipient. Check it out now at

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @CardFool

Contact for media inquiries.


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By Jill

Surprisingly, millennials like the retro appeal of greeting cards. HERO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES

Some millennials are taking credit for killing the¬†top sheet, the¬†huge wedding, the¬†mega-gym¬†and who knows what else. But despite all that destruction, one surprising thing they’re not totally over is the decidedly retro greeting card.

According to 2017 research provided by Hallmark Cards (who should know), millennials ‚ÄĒ those born roughly between 1981 and 1999 ‚ÄĒ represent nearly 20 percent of the dollars spent on greeting cards and are growing their spending faster than any other generational segment.

Why would that be? It seems that the generation that has only ever known the ease and convenience of digital communication actually longs for a¬†more personal touch¬†that requires more than a few keystrokes and emojis to send. “In focus groups, we hear that millennials enjoy tactile experiences, like giving and receiving a paper card,” emails Jaclyn Voran, a spokeswoman for Hallmark Cards.

“As a millennial, I understand why people believe that cards in general are becoming superfluous. However, I believe that in a world where making genuine connection is becoming increasingly difficult, and life is becoming increasingly sped up, there are few ways that show real care more than a handwritten card,” says Ian Britton, a San Diego-based digital marketing strategist for the educational website¬†Get More Math¬†in an email interview.

V-Style¬†fashion blogger Vanessa Valiente, another millennial, concurs with Britton. “Without fail I give a birthday card, and every single person appreciates my hand-written card in this age of impatience, social media and insincerity. A birthday card means more now than it ever has,” she emails.

Worldwide, the greeting card industry is projected to¬†decline by $20 billion by 2024. Hallmark’s significant¬†2015 downsizing¬†was caused in large part by lower sales thanks to much cheaper virtual alternatives.

“Cards have also gotten ridiculously expensive so that a birthday card is often $3-$5 or even more,” says Amanda Ponzar with¬†Community Health Charities¬†in Alexandria, Virginia. “I’d rather add that amount to a gift card or buy a present for the recipient. And for me personally, I’d rather receive a $5 Starbucks card vs. a birthday card that cost $5.”

She’s not alone in that belief. But some companies are banking that millennials will pay for cards if they appeal to their unique tastes and humor. Hallmark¬†funds a brand¬†called Easy, Tiger, which is aimed at people in their 20s and 30s and has a snarky tone. The cards run around $2.50. (American Greetings has a similar brand called¬†justWink.) But millennials are also attracted to higher-priced, elaborately designed premium cards, which may cost $7-$10. “On average, they buy greeting cards that are 20 percent higher-priced than older age groups,” says Hallmark’s Voran.

Like¬†vinyl records, paper greeting cards may yet hold their own despite the odds. Life coach¬†Brandyce Stephenson¬†is in her 30s and loves getting birthday cards. “In this day and age of technology and birthday wishes on Facebook from my 1,000 closest friends, some of whom I don’t actually know, getting a birthday card is a welcome surprise,” she emails. “It’s a joy to open your mailbox and see a handwritten note with words of positivity.”

By Jill

When you say ‚ÄúHappy Birthday‚ÄĚ with a premium cardstock CardFool card, you are making someone‚Äôs day. ¬†Take Alison‚Äôs mother, who was recovering from an operation. ¬†While recuperating, she received several unique, custom cards with her grandchildren on the front, and a personal message from her daughter on the insides.

‚ÄúI just love how easy the process of sending a real card is,‚ÄĚ Alison said. ¬†Our premium cardstock cards let you personalize and send a birthday wish to friends and family in a way that is both easy… and enjoyable. ¬†And for only $4.99 each, the First-Class postage is included for free when we mail it for you.

(If you have a story about how you use CardFool to share all the special times in your life, we would love to hear it! Email

Created and shared courtesy of our customer Alison – a true Card Artist! Follow her photography on Instagram @amccabe

By Jill

The Easter bunny is making his rounds this weekend. ¬†So before he arrives on Sunday morning, make sure you send loved ones a sweet Easter wish in time for the big celebration. ¬†Easter Ecards are the perfect way to send a last minute greeting. ¬†Each Ecard is just .99¬Ę — and includes a free Ecard printout! ¬†Select from a wide variety of funny Easter cartoons, sweet inspirational wishes, and silly springtime animals. ¬†So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.10.32 AM.png

By Jill
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