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Everyone knows has funny Birthday cards, and now everyone on Pinterest knows we have unique, heartfelt Birthday cards too. ¬†Our clean, watercolor design, “Happy Birthday Hearts” is trending high on Pinterest boards across the world.

Send this famous Birthday Card to friends and family for only $4.99… and as always, First-Class Postage is included free.

By Jill

Stand out from all the Christmas cards this year by sending FUN christmas photo flats from!

Cheap Christmas Cards, Cheap Christmas Photo


Adding your perfect family photo to an awesome looking photo card is not only EASIER than ever, it’s also less expensive than ever before:

1 Р5:    $1.99 each

6-10:   $1.79 each

11-24:  $1.59 each

25-49: $1.39 each

50+:    $1.29 each!

Get 50 Photo Card ‘Flats’ for less than $65!

Browse all of CardFool’s great looking Christmas Photo designs here. ¬†Don’t forget that CardFool also has Funny Christmas Cards to send directly to your recipient as well.

By Jill

Halloween is October 31st! ¬†As we get closer and closer, here are a few great Halloween cartoons to get you in the Halloween spirit…

1.  Funny witches are so much better than scary witches.
2. More like ‘Pun’kin Humor…
3. Dr. Frank Einstein wishes you a fire free Halloween
4. Hope you’re into some fun sheet this Halloween!
5. ¬†…He’s really cut up about it…

Check out MORE funny Halloween cartoons here…

Don’t forget…you can send these funny Halloween cartoons as personalized greeting cards too!

By Jill



A CardFool Story: Post Bachelorette Surprise

Hello, CardFool – ers? Ha. I’m Claire a bride-to-be this Fall. I wanted to share my awesome experience getting a CardFool card. It’s been a rough year with work and planning a wedding. All my girlfriends live across the country. Very few of us live in the same place. So of course we scheduled a bachelorette party for me. Well, I said it was for me, but I really wanted to give my friends the gift of getting to be together. Off to the lake we went! Everyone of my girlfriends could be there and it was three days of non-stop laughing (yes, some wine).

The hardest part was saying goodbye to everyone! None of us were ready for the weekend to be over. Including me.

True story, until this I had never heard of CardFool. I had no idea what it was or what it could do. But wow. 

On that Wednesday after the bachelorette weekend, I received a crisp white envelope in the mail with my name on it! I opened it up and it was a greeting card with a compilation of photos from over the weekend. My friends thought to send me something that would last forever and never allow me to forget how special the weekend was. Thank you CardFool!

By Jill

We know Hillary and Bernie won’t be sending any of these birthday cards anytime soon…but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Here are just a few of the new funny political cards from ¬†Click here to see more. ¬†And the Candidates are…

  1. Hillary’s Email Trouble

    Funny Clinton Card
    Hillary has wisely switched to sending real birthday cards this election year, instead of messy emails.

2. Bernie Sanders Throws a Birthday Party

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.59.27 PM.png
When it comes to planning your birthday party, Bernie puts the “social” in social chair.

3. Crooked Hillary

Crooked Hillary
Like Hillary Clinton, this Birthday card leans a little to the left.

4. Bernie Wants a Revolution!

Funny Birthday Bernie Card
Send this funny political card to someone who’s been around for a 4th of July or two. (just like Bernie)

5. Hillary’s Private Server

Hillary Private Server
Because being a good public servant means having a good private server!


6. Hillary’s Best Friends

Funny Hillary Clinton Birthday Wall Street
You can send this funny political card to your friends in high places!

7. Bernie’s Got What It Takes

Funny Bernie Sanders Greeting Card for Birthday
Who needs HUGE¬†hair and tiny hands? Bernie’s Birthday list will¬†trump all others this Election year.


8. Hillary? NOPE.

Funny Hillary Clinton Birthday Nope
For Hillary, this birthday card’s got NOPE written all over it.

9. Hillary Cartoon Caricature – You Look Like A Million Bucks

Funny Hillary Clinton Birthday Greeting Card
Free Speech is good but Paid Speeches are better for Hillary!


10. Hillary’s Gonna Win HUUUUUGE!

Funny Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Love ’em or leave ’em, Hillary & Bernie definitely knows how to play tough. We hope you wig out on these new political humor cards available at¬†



By Jill

You can still get a Funny Card to Dad for Father’s Day by sending a Funny Ecard from CardFool! ¬†Personalize and add your own personal family photos to CardFool’s great looking cards to be sent instantly. ¬†Plus,¬†they include a free bonus print version to save and display!!

See more Funny Father’s Day Ecards at

Funny Father's Day Ecards

Send an Ecard immediately to anyone in the world via email for only 99¬Ę!

Each Ecard comes with a free ecard Printout, which you can save, print, and share!

Shop Father’s Day Ecards now

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.00.19 PM.png

Don’t forget: ¬†You can also send Ecards for free when you become an Ecard Subscriber for only $12.99; which includes 100 Ecards PLUS the ability to send your Ecards via Facebook and Twitter! ¬†Learn more here.

By Jill
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