“Greetings” from New York: NSS 2018


Our CardFool team is at the National Stationary Show this week in NYC.  Kicking off Sunday, May 20th through Wednesday, May 23rd, the 2018 National Stationary Show is an exciting expo for the greeting card and social expressions market.

For CardFool, just being at the show is a thrill.  And being able to share with the industry how customers can now personalize and send Birthday cards online, is a game changer for both card senders and artists alike.  CardFool brings the card aisle directly to the customer… providing users more options than they can get in the store.  For instance, at CardFool.com a card sender can choose from thousands of unique designs, personalize the card with an inside message or photo, mail the card directly to the recipient, and the first-class stamp is included for free.  Try getting that at the grocery store.

And the cards themselves? They can’t be found anywhere else.  That’s why at this year’s Stationary Show, we can’t wait to show the world what we are now bringing to mailboxes across the country every day.

– J

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