Good Times, Great Friends



A CardFool Story: Post Bachelorette Surprise

Hello, CardFool – ers? Ha. I’m Claire a bride-to-be this Fall. I wanted to share my awesome experience getting a CardFool card. It’s been a rough year with work and planning a wedding. All my girlfriends live across the country. Very few of us live in the same place. So of course we scheduled a bachelorette party for me. Well, I said it was for me, but I really wanted to give my friends the gift of getting to be together. Off to the lake we went! Everyone of my girlfriends could be there and it was three days of non-stop laughing (yes, some wine).

The hardest part was saying goodbye to everyone! None of us were ready for the weekend to be over. Including me.

True story, until this I had never heard of CardFool. I had no idea what it was or what it could do. But wow. 

On that Wednesday after the bachelorette weekend, I received a crisp white envelope in the mail with my name on it! I opened it up and it was a greeting card with a compilation of photos from over the weekend. My friends thought to send me something that would last forever and never allow me to forget how special the weekend was. Thank you CardFool!

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