Missed the deadline for sending out Christmas Cards?

NO YOU DIDN’T!  Don’t worry…CardFool has your back.  With our exclusive Ecard experience, you can send your Christmas cards directly to your recipient’s inbox INSTANTLY.

As a FREE bonus, you and your recipient will be able to have a print out version to save and share with CardFool’s exclusive Ecard Printout (go here for more info), so you’ll still have something to hang next to the stockings for Santa to marvel at when he stops by.

Shop CardFool’s Christmas Ecards here.  Sending a CardFool Ecard is fast, fun, and easy.

First, design your ecard just like you would a print card!

Personalize like normal

Then, design your Ecard envelope (you’ll be able to preview the experience when you’re done) and add your recipient’s email addresses.  Design Your Envelope








When your recipient gets their Ecard in their inbox, they’ll be able to access their FREE Ecard printout, which will let them save, print, and share the Ecard you just made however they wish!








Send 1 Ecard for 99¢, or buy an Ecard subscription and send up to 100 Ecards for only $12.99!

So rest easy (ye merry gentlemen) knowing that CardFool’s here if you’ve procrastinated just a little too long.  Send a CardFool Ecard now!

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